Why Me?


Being a small business owner myself, I understand the struggle it can be to make your business stand out amongst all the other small businesses (I work on my own every single day).


Working together, we can create a business that pops with visual branding and an effective brand game plan.

With me, It's not all business! I wanna be one of your biggest fans and I'm here for you at every step of the way because man, oh man, we all need a cheerleader during the process of starting your business.


Whether you need help picking a header for your website or picking a lipstick for your date night, I am here for you!


Who is Pop Cap Creative?


Hey there! I'm Erin Found + Creative Director of Pop Cap Creative and potatoes are my love language (waffle fries, mashed potatoes, potato chips, crinkle-cut fries, etc).


I am a Kansas City girl who enjoys aesthetically pleasing things, craft cocktails, & girl power.


Pop Cap Creative was created during my lunch break at my boringgg corporate job. I had ZERO creativity at that job and one day I looked over all the cubicle walls and saw everyone quietly working with their headsets on and I thought to myself, "DO YOU NONE OF YOU HAVE HOPES & DREAMS?!" 


Okay, yes, a little dramatic, but that's just me and I hated it so much. So one day I cracked and decided that my long-term plan to take my business full-time was not coming fast enough and I quit my job. I cried the whole drive home on my last day, tears of pure joy.


At Pop Cap Creative, I want to help all the small businesses out there with content creation and visual brand identities so they can connect and impress the hell out of their audience.


"Potatoes are my

love language"





Kansas City, MO



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Connecting small businesses to their target audience through content creation and visual brand identities.

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