So you've perfected your captions & your photo filters, so now it's time to amp up your Insta and impress the hell out of your audience.

Amp Up Instagram is perfect for the business owners who have taken so much time to perfect their captions, photo filters, Instagram bio, and they've NAILED IT but now it's time to level-up, baby!

The Amp Up Instagram program will help you level-up your Insta-game and impress your audience with the content that other users aren't using! I'll create content for you like branded GIFs, stop-motion videos, and photo illustrations. This content will help you and your business create a full brand experience for your target audience. Plus it incorporates video (which we all know Instagram loveeees).


Add some pizazz to your feed with these unique, branded pieces of content.

Are you ready to impress the

hell out of your audience?

Amp Up Instagram includes:

  • Branded GIFs (6): I'll create animated icons that you can use for Instagram posts, Instagram Stories, your website, your email marketing, ANYTHING. These GIFs will be created just for your branding and with your audience in mind.

  • Photo Illustrations (6): We'll pick some great photos from your feed, your computer, or opt-in for 10 new photos taken by me to choose from for your illustrations (only $99 for extra photos).

  • In-motion photos/Short-form stop motion (3): Video stands out the most on social media. Get several videos for your feed or website to attract your ideal client.

  • One 30-minute meeting: We'll get together before I start your content to peel back the layers of your business and your personality to see what kind of content will work best for you and your audience.

  • Research: I'll do research on your industry and your audience to come up with a content game plan that will attract your customers and promote your business the best way.

  • Targeted Content: Content that is created specifically for your audience

  • Video content: Video is key on social media. If you're not posting videos on your feed this is your chance to get some video content that can be reused.

  • Instagram guide: A guide to Instagram that will help even the most insta-famous users.

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