Content Creation

Are you struggling to come up with unique content every single day? Struggling with creating content that will increase your engagement, create a full brand experience, and show you as an expert in your field??


Part of owning a business, no matter what business you have, is creating unique content across multiple platforms. Consistent, authentic content is key to creating relationships with potential clients, showing authority in your field, & creating a brand story. It's all about storytelling.


Your brand will stand out amongst competitors with gorgeous content targeted directly to your audience.


Do you want your audience to obsess over you & your content? Me too!

  • 60 pieces of unique content; a mixture of custom graphics and photos

  • Customized photo filter for Adobe Lightroom

  • Two strategy meetings

  • Content targeted towards your ideal audience

  • Content grid; a grid created with your unique content for a branded experience

  • Consistency for your social media and website

  • You want consistent engagement on your social media.

  • You feel like your Instagram, Facebook, website, etc. is all over the place.

  • You want your clients and customers to connect and obsess over your brand.

*Payment plans available*

Content Factory: 60 pieces of content

You know how important creating an aesthetically pleasing social media is that connects to your audience, but do you know how to create it?


It's crucial to create unique content that connects and that's where I'll step in to create custom graphics and photos that your audience will obsess over.


See the whole process here!


Investment: $2300

2-month ongoing process


  • 5 custom GIFs

  • Designs in .gif format for GIPHY & web purposes

  • Designs in .mp4 format for Instagram posts

  • Assistance in setting up GIPHY account & applying to be verified

  • One strategy meeting to pick out which pieces of content will work best for your brand or event

  • Content to create a full brand experience on social media

  • You're ready to uplevel your Instagram game.

  • You've mastered your social media but feel like you need more!

  • You need a creative soul (me) in your life to make everything cohesive and create a full experience.

*Payment plans available*

Gettin' GIFy With It

Stand out from your competitors with some fun, branded GIFs that you you can use anywhere!


These GIFs can be used on Instagram, your website, newsletter, Facebook, etc.


This cool form of content will make your social media POP amongst all the other accounts vying for your audience's attention.


Investment: $400

1 week process


  • 20 design elements (patterns, icons, handwriting, shapes, etc.)

  • 10 templates: choose one platform like blog graphics or Pinterest or multiple platforms)

  • 20 images in a curated stock photoset

  • Account set up: choose from Adobe, Canva, Easil, etc.

  • Repurposing Content Guide

  • You're ready to uplevel your content marketing game

  • You need more consistency when it comes to your aesthetics

  • You need help with the creative side of your business but don't have the funds to hire a full-time creative director. Who does?!

*Payment plans available*

Content Kit

Are you ready to get super consistent and make it easy AF to post your content every day? Then Content Kit is perfect for you, boo.


In Content Kit, you get custom design elements and templates for all your content so you can create designs on your own that look professional and consistent.


Investment: $700

2 week process



Are you ready to position yourself as an expert in your field and build some custom content for your business? 

Then let's chat about exactly what we should do to impress your audience & add consistency to your business.


The Process

1. Start out with a discovery call if you're unsure of which package to pick and need some help figuring it out.

4. Before we get started, we'll both sign a contract and you'll pay the first part of your payment plan or the full payment.

2. I'll get to know you and your business you'll get to know me and how I work.

Let's be friends!

5. We'll coordinate times and plan meetings & photoshoot dates

3. Together we can figure out which content package is right for your business, and if a payment plan is needed.

6. I'll get to work to create a photo style, photo filter, and custom graphics.

7. Let's LAUNCH the damn thing! Once a month I'll deliver your photos and graphics to you! I can deliver it to you via Google Drive or straight to your Planoly or Later so you can start planning out the content immediately.

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