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5 Ways to Create a Unique & Authentic Brand

With so many different ways to connect to people on the Internet it's getting harder and harder to stand out. By staying authentic and uniquely you, you'll attract the audience, clients, and/or customers you desire. Follow these 5 easy steps to keep your audience engaged and loving you!

1. Show your face on social media and your website

Companies pay influencers and celebrities tons of money to represent their brand and become a spokesperson because customers want to put a face to their favorite brands. By showing up for your own business you become the spokesperson for your brand. This builds trust with your audience because they see that you are more than just a logo and website, but you are a real person who can connect and relate.

2. Show that you are an authority in your industry

Show up as an authority in your industry by giving more than you sell. This doesn’t mean giving away all your earrings if you sell handmade jewelry or creating logos for free if you’re a designer. It means that you need to focus on serving your community. For instance, if you have a clothing boutique think about what your audience could learn from you. Could they learn how to style their wardrobe, how to clean out their closet Marie Condo style, or could they benefit from seeing your clothing on a model so they can see the fit of your clothes? By serving your audience you not only show that you care about them but that you know what you’re talking about.

3. Tell some personal stories

Storytelling is very important for your brand. This goes back to showing your face on social media and your website. Tell the story of your business to your audience and sprinkle in personal stories as well to connect to your audience. This helps them see that you’re a real person behind the company name. Cover things like how you started your business, anecdotes about your family and friends, your favorite food/drink, fun vacation details, anything to relate to your target audience.

4. Consistency

You need stay consistent in your business and your social media so your audience recognizes that you take your business seriously so they can take your business seriously. You can stay consistent by posting to social media every day, batching and scheduling your content, and sticking to your color palette online and in any print materials. I plan all my content, events, graphics, and more a quarter at a time. Then I create the content a month at a time so I’m not overwhelmed with three months. After taking a few days to create, I schedule it out using a planning app like Later, Planoly, or Plann. You can also schedule in Facebook and some websites for your blog.

5. Voice

Another way to stay consistent but also helps you stand out is to stick your brand voice. This means using similar language in social media, blogs, and any videos you post. It can also mean the tone in your voice and any language you use in your brand. Take some time and write out how you want your audience to perceive your voice/tone. Do you want them to get your sarcasm? Do you want them to see you as sweet? Do you want to come off as educational? After that, write out some words and phrases you would use within your brand based on your tone.

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