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Set #Goals, not Resolutions

We have a couple days left of 2018 and this is when people start to think about what they want out of 2019. Personally, I start thinking about the new year at the beginning of December so I have all of the time in the world to plan my goals for 2019.

That's right, I said GOALS, not RESOLUTIONS.

Resolutions are a great starting point for setting new goals for the new year and it's soooo easy and it makes crushing your goals easy, too!! Here are the steps to how you can set your goals for 2019:

1. This may be obvious to you (or maybe you've never heard of it), but you need to make them SMART goals; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, & Timely.

Specific: Don't make them general like resolutions tend to be. Resolutions are mostly "pay off credit card debt", "read more", "book more clients". You need to make them as specific as possible! Like "book 20 clients" or "pay off $2,000 of debt".

Measurable: Create a way that will indicate you're making moves and being successful. To me, this means that you need to break it down even further. For instance if your goal is to pay off $2,000 of credit card debt, the way you make it measurable would be to pay off $200 a month and when you pay it off each month you know you're making strides and on the way to success!

Achievable: This just means that they need to be a goal that you can actually do! Keep it realistic, girl. You don't want to set a goal to pay off $30,000 worth of debt if you're only making $30,000 a year. You can make a good dent in it, but paying it off in a year is just not realistic. Make it a 5-year plan instead!

Relevant: Is the goal consistent with other goals you have? Does it fit into your overall plan? For instance, my goals are almost always business related. Sometimes during the new year I'll set personal goals like to read 20 books this year. But I don't set goals like "fly a plane" because while that'd be really cool it's not related to my business or anything like that!

Timely: Give it a due date!! Don't just make all your goals due by December 31st, 2019. Spread them out through the year so it's not overwhelming at the end of the year when you have 5 goals to try and meet.

2. OKAY, now that your goal is SMART let's break them down even further.

You need to create steps that will get you closer to achieving your goals. One of my goals is to host 4 local workshops, one in each quarter.

What do I need to host a local workshop? I need a place to host it, maybe snacks and drinks for the attendees, workbooks for attendees, a slideshow, a marketing plan to promote the workshop, etc.

If my goal is to host a workshop on March 1st then work backwards through your steps and give them due dates accordingly. Which needs to be completed first in order to complete the next one?

3. This one is the most important part of setting goals. Write down your goals and the steps with their due dates in your calendar.

This could be different for everyone. I personally use Trello because you can set due dates, sort them by due dates, see them on a calendar, and you can even get reminders when something is due soon!

This has made the biggest difference for me when it comes to completing goals. I used to write it all in my planner but I noticed that I wasn't completing them because as soon as it was a different week I'd forget about it when I turned the page! BUT If you can set your goals and get the steps in your planner so you complete them then DO IT!

This step is crucial because you see your steps everyday or every week and then you complete your steps, and get closer and closer to completing your BIG GOAL.

This is how I set and CRUSH my goals. If you have questions about this please reach out via Instagram or my contact page! I want you to be successful this year and I'm hoping this way of setting goals can help you do that!



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