Starting a business is tough and positioning your brand can be even tougher when there are so many other brands out there attempting to do the same thing. When you create a visual brand identity based on planning and strategy you will come across more authentic, stand out from the crowd, and attract to your dream clients.

That's where I come in

Pop Cap Creative uses a brand process that hones in on what makes you unique and creates the visuals, strategy, and content to showcase it. There are three brand development packages and two content creation packages to choose from that have been created with my clients in mind. I have options for basic packages and for professional packages that cover everything you need to get started. With different packages available for my clients it makes it easy to choose a package based on where you are in your brand development and where you want to be with your development.


1. Start out with a discovery call if you're unsure of which package to pick and need some help figuring it out.

4. Before we get started on your branding & content there will be a little bit of homework for you! No worries this should be fun!

2. I'll get to know you and your business you'll get to know me and how I work.

Let's be friends!

5. We'll coordinate times if we're meeting together weekly or we'll pick a start date if we're just working on your visual identity for now.

3. Together we can figure out which package is right for you and your business, and if a payment plan is needed.

6. We'll go through the steps to complete your brand design and/or brand strategy. Think LOTS of emails between us and LOTS of coffee on my end.

7. Let's LAUNCH the damn thing! We​'ll show the world the business you've dreamed up and the design and strategy we've been working on!

I don't know about you but I was ready to get my own business up and running like yesterday. So I can relate to how you're feeling right now. Are you ready to invest in yourself and get your biz started? Then let's do it. I'm in!

Pop Cap Creative is booking for Spring 2019.

Click below to contact me so we can start ASAP!

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