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Use your own story to stand out &

craft an effective brand strategy.

We're all unique.

We all have a story.

Use it to your advantage.

How often do you feel stuck in business? Do you have a to-do list that's 3

pages long and even after you complete it you still feel like you're missing something in your business? Like some sort of secret that no one is telling you?


I have felt like that so many times when I was starting my business, so many

damn times. I thought I was getting so much done and I really was! But I wasn't getting the results that I had wanted. Everything seemed to fall flat. I was like, "What is this magic potion all my fave business babes are drinking &

can you hook a sister up??"


Something was missing and it wasn't my talent or my love for branding & design.

It was a connection & a solid brand strategy

(& no, not a Wi-Fi connection)

OK girl, let's get down to business.

OK, OK, keep talkin', I'm listening...

The Strategies & Storytelling Crash Couse is all about you.


It's about how to make a real connection with your ideal audience.


How to create a strategy that will work specifically for your business


How to craft a message using your own personal story that will relate

to your audience & get them to loveeee you hard.


This course is all about being trustworthy and it's about making yourself

an authority figure in your field.

So, what is this "crash course" all about, anyway?


The Strategies & Storytelling Crash Course will only be available through May 15th! Get this, compact, info-packed 6-Module course for this special price TODAY!


Buy Strategies & Storytelling Crash Course through May 7th and get a bonus of a 30-minute 1:1 Strategy Session with me! This is perfect for the boss babes who are just starting out and need a push in the right direction!

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Strategies &





Getting familiar with Pop Cap Creative & the Strategies & Storytelling course.

Module 1: Target Audience

Figure out exactly who you need to be focusing on in your messaging & marketing.

Module 2: Unique Selling Point

Find the sweet spot in your biz combining your strengths, passions, & services/products.

Module 3: Messaging

Get clear on how and where you should focus your messaging to attract your target audience.

Module 4: Biz Goals

We all have big dreams, but this will teach you how to take action to CRUSH 'EM.

Module 5: Storytelling

Combine your personal & business story to create some storytelling magic.

Module 6: Visual Storytelling

My favorite part of the course! Getting your visuals aligned with your strategy.


Woohoo! Let's celebrate! Go out there & start strategizing, baby!


6 compact, info-packed modules


Worksheets for each module


Strategy & Storytelling homework to complete year-round


Brand Evaluation where I'll evaluate your brand, website, social media, etc. & give you 10 steps of action to improve your business (worth $250)

Access fo' life!

All for $97 through May 9th (payment plan option)

Full price starting May 10th at $197 (payment plan option)


Purchase this course from May 6th-May 7th and get a special bonus of a 1:1 Strategy Session. This program is for the boss babes who are just starting out and need some direction.


This program is worth $200 & you get it fo' free when you sign up for the Strategies & Storytelling Crash Course through May 7th.

Are you ready to get crystal clear on your strategy, the story you'll use to really connect with your target audience, and become an authority in your field??


Be prepared for the ideas for your business will start flowin' after completing this course. Not only will you be so clear on the direction you need to take with your brand, but you'll learn exactly how you can use your own personal story.


And allllll this for only $97 through May 9th


Hey, girl! I'm Erin, the face behind Pop Cap Creative.


At Pop Cap Creative, I create strategy-based visual brand identities for creative entrepreneurs who want to use their creativity to conquer the world (muahahaha).


I started Pop Cap after feeling creatively stunted at my corporate job (which I hated, ugh). I'd listen to podcast after podcast about female entrepreneurs & how they started their business & decided I was going to go for it! 


I don't want anyone to feel the way I did in my corporate job so I wanted to create a course to help wannabe boss babes who need help getting started & I wanted it to be available to everyone no matter their budget (hence the price being so excellent & the payment plans).

Who is hosting this course?!

What do you say, girlfriend?


How many times have you stressed about your business because you just can't figure out the "secret" to it?


I was doing that constantly when I first started my business, but once I started paying attention to my strategy and incorporating storytelling tactics I was SHOCKED at how my business was positively affected.




This course is only available at $97 for a limited time so jump on this chance NOW to get this great price, PLUS the cool bonuses available to you!